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How to Create Weathered White Wood

After moving into our home 6 years ago this is what our bathroom looked like. When we remodeled it the first time around we ripped out the vanity and mirror, but when we ripped them out they took part of our walls with them.

Master Bath Before


At the time we didn’t have the money to have it fixed so I just hung a mirror over it and the new vanity covered up the other damage for the most part, but if you looked close you could see the damage.

Master bathroom

Once we ripped everything out for the 2nd time we decided to fix the wall before moving the vanity and mirror back in.  Can you see all the damage in the picture below…..EEK!

We thought about hiring someone to come and put up new sheet rock and mud and tape… until we found this awesome product, Amy Howard’s Pallet in a Box.  Rather than tearing all the sheet rock down we decided to cover it with wood instead!  The Pallet in a box come with 20 square feet of 5 inch wide stripes that are 1/4 inch thick oak.  It comes in a box unfinished so you can add your own flair to it!

My husband has been loving the look of weathered white wood and suggested we put it in our bathroom.  Well, I shot that down fast saying…”that will look terrible with our shower.”  At Haven, a blog conference, I met Amy Howard and went to her class on how to achieve the look of white weathered wood.  As soon as I left the class I called my husband and told him I had a change of heart and I thought his idea of weathered wood would look great in our bathroom! Truth be told, he really does have good ideas, but sometimes it takes me awhile to come around. Good thing he is a patient man because let’s be honest…doesn’t this look awesome?  And the best part… it is super easy!How to create weathered white wood

To create weathered white wood you will need: (affiliate links included)

  1. Pallet in a box 
  2. Vintage Wood, Better with Age
  3. Venetian Plaster
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Putty Knife
  6. Nail Gun
  7. 1″ finish nails

Step 1

We are going to treat our oak planks with Vintage wood.

You can view my full tutorial on that here

Step 2

Apply the vintage wood and make sure it is completely dry. Next, it is time to mix up your plaster.

I added my plaster first into a disposable plastic cup, next I added water a little at a time until you get the consistency you want.  Your consistency is going to impact how white your boards turn out.  If you want more of a white washed look add more water so your plaster is more runny, if you want it more white… like mine you want it to be more of a constancy of paste.  As you can see on the board below when I poured my plaster on to my boards it was a little thicker!

How to create weathered white wood

Once you have it on your board take your putty knife and spread it onto your boards pressing it down into the texture.  One of my favorite things about the planks is they have a beautiful texture to them that really stands out once you have added the plaster.  Adding the plaster is what creates the weathered white wood look!

How to create weathered white wood

You can go back and smooth areas out, take a little more plaster off or add a little more until you get it just how you want it.  This plaster doesn’t dry super fast which allows you good working time.

How to create weathered white wood

Step 3

Once you have all your planks plastered let them dry over night and then lightly sand them to get any excess plaster off.  Now you are ready to install them!

We installed these planks the same way as we installed our Shiplap (full tutorial here) The only difference is we didn’t space them….we butt them all up to each other so there were no spaces.

How to create weathered white wood using Amy Howard's Pallet in a Box

I love the rustic elegant look and that is just what these weathered white wood planks gave us in this bathroom!  Can you see all the texture that is showing through?  I LOVE it!!!

How to create weathered white wood using Amy Howard's Pallet in a Box

I was a little worried about not sealing them in a bathroom but I was told several times that I didn’t need to seal them so I decided to try it out and see what I thought for myself.  They have been in our bathroom for a month now and we have not had a problem with them!  If they get wet they darken a little until the water dries…but the plaster does not come off or flake!

How to create weathered white wood using Amy Howard's Pallet in a Box

This bathroom is almost complete, we are just waiting on the glass doors!  I can’t wait to show you the full reveal!



This post is sponsored but all of the opinions are my own!

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  • Summer

    Brooke, you make it look so easy!!! It’s just beautiful and I love what a transformation that made! What a fabulous idea! xoxoxo

  • Julie Lancia

    Girlfriend! You are a ROCK star! For real, honey pie! A Rock Star! I love all you do. You are pretty darn lucky to have a sweet hubby to help but WOW! This is amazeballs. I saw your photo on IG and I just had to come take a peek. You’ve outdone yourself. This looks spectacular and now I know all I have to do to redo my bathroom! Thanks for the great info. XO ~ Julie

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