July 8th 2019

Hello friends!

Well, we are moving right along with the house selling. We have 10 days until we close so fingers crossed it all goes through!! As it gets closer to saying goodbye to our current home emotions keep coming to the surface. For the last 8 years our extra money and time has been poured into our home. Not to mention, our blood, sweat and tears. I really thought this would be our forever home, but plans changed, and an opportunity to build presented itself so we snatched it up. We have learned a lot as we have remodeled this home. I hope to carry those things to our new home. You can see all the before and afters of our home here.

Now, how about a little sneak peak at the house we will be building. This home belongs to my friend Carolyn, but she built it from the same plans that inspired my home. I did write a blog post with the link to my current house plans as well the the house plans I used for inspiration. You can find them here.

On to another subject… SUMMER! Holy cow it is going too fast. I can’t believe it is already July. It is finally starting to heat up here so my kids and I have been looking for some fun summer crafts we could do, that are not a huge mess. We found these cute bracelets. They have been working on them all week and I made my little buddy one so he didn’t feel left out. I just found the tutorial on how to do it on here.

I also shared my favorite summer hat. This hat isn’t too big but it is still big enough to keep the sun off of my face! Plus, it is pretty stinking cute too! View it here and View my shirt here

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