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How to Create Weathered Wood in Hours

Do you love the look of weathered wood as much as I do?  But who has time to wait 10 years for wood to weather…right?

I am going to show you how to create weathered wood in hours….rather than years!

How to create weathered wood in hours


weathers-wood-frame-with-chicken-wire_-5 I am happy to say I have finally found a product that will give a weathered wood look in hours It is called Vintage Wood, better with age, by Amy Howard home……..the other thing I love about this product is it smells wonderful and is non toxic!
weathers-wood-frame-with-chicken-wire_-3Ready to see how I made this frame?


For this project you will need the following (affiliate links included)

  1. Pallet Wood-rough sawn
  2. Vintage Wood, Better With Age
  3. Chip Brush
  4. Sand Paper
  5. Liming Wax
  6. Wax Brush

Once you have all your materials you will want to start by sanding down your tough sawn wood slightly…. we want the texture of the wood left.  The texture will help to create a weathered look.


Once it is slightly sanded down now it is time to add better with age.  As you are adding this you will notice it goes on clear and looks like you don’t have enough on….but give it time it will slowly begin to darken and age your wood as it dries.


The wood on the right was the first piece I did, the one in the middle the second and the one on the far left is the one I finished just before I took the picture…. pretty cool how this wood is weathering right before our eyes.  Once your wood has dried all the way it is time for the next step.


Applying the liming wax.

{don’t mind my nasty hands…I wish I could say they rarely look like this…but well that would be a lie}

Take your wax brush and press it into your wax in a circular motion until you have covered the bottom of the bristles.


After your bristles are covered begin to press it into the wood so it gets stuck in the texture we left on the wood.


Continue to add the liming wax over the top of the Vintage Wood.  The great part about distressing with a wax is not only are you creating an awesome finish you are also sealing your wood!


Now that you have applied the wax this is what your wood should look like!  It doesn’t have to be perfect, some spots may be lighter or darker, that is what we are doing for.  Natural weathered wood doesn’t not weather evenly. And there you have how to create weather wood in hours….so easy right?


I love how natural this frame looks.  It is the perfect addition to our new space.





This post is sponsor by Amy Howard Home, but all opinions are my own.


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  • Sharon in Oakland

    Thanks for the info with great pics. I love the comparison pic of each stage of the wood drying! That helps! I want to do the exact same thing but with an beachy turquoise color to it. Do I just paint a thin layer first and do all other steps after that? Thanks!

    • startadmin

      I would do the weathered wood first then paint a thin layer of paint and lightly sand some of the paint off.

  • Debbie

    I love the state of your hands. My hands look just like that about 80% of the time. It just means I’m in the middle of a project or two and loving it. Nice to know I’m not the only one.

  • Erica

    What is the size of the frame? Also, who made the two garlands?

  • Amy

    Can you show us how you made the frame as well? Not just how you aged the wood? I wanna make a frame like this for a mirror and would love to know how you did it! 🙂

  • Caitlin

    where are the wall sconces from??

  • Ali Osbourne

    If I want to update my bedroom furniture with this look, can I use these steps to do so? It’s a big job, but I’ve been wanting to do this for years! Can I buy these products in a larger quantity, or do you suggest something else? Also, will I have to sand off the polish of what is on the furniture now?

  • Ashley

    Out of the 3 examples of shades I like the one in the middle… can i get it to that shade or will it continue to darken to the 3rd example?

  • Deb

    If you were going to paint on words to the wood, would you apply the wax after?

    • startadmin

      yes apply the wax after

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