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Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar

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Every year I say I am going to do a hot chocolate bar and every year time gets away from me, forgetting until it is too late. But this year I got it done early!  I am so glad I did because it has been so fun to have. Plus, who doesn’t like decor and treats serving duel purposes!

How to create a hot chocolate bar

What I Used to Create a Hot Chocolate Bar (affiliate links)

How to create a hot chocolate bar

I filled my various apothecary jars with different goodies. Finding a mix of sweet and salty is a great option for those who want variety. I wanted my sign to be in the middle so I placed it in the center and worked out from there.

hot cocoa bar

I also used little fillers like small Christmas trees and my fun Christmas garland to tie in all of the colors.
hot cocoa bar

My kids love trying new things in their hot chocolate, and my son even tried just eating a cinnamon stick… I don’t think he will do that again… ha ha. hot chocolate bar hot chocolate bar

Aren’t these Christmas mugs adorable? Matching mugs are a fun display and a great decorative addition for a hot chocolate bar.

hot chocolate bar


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