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Felt Ball Decorations for Christmas

Felt Ball Decorations for Christmas


I love to use felt balls in my decorations for Christmas. Felt ball here, felt ball there, here a felt ball, there a felt ball, everywhere a felt ball. But seriously… EVERYWHERE a felt ball.

My girls made their own garlands last year to put in their trees. They turned out so cute. My favorite part is that you can pick whatever color scheme you want.

How to Create a Felt Ball Garland

First pick out your felt balls and color scheme. I like the 2.5cm size.

Girls Rooms Color

Christmas Garland

Now it is time to string them. You will need a needle and embroidery thread. When stringing your felt balls make sure your string is going right through the center.

Push the first ball all the way to the end and then tie it up as pictured below.

Now you can just start stinging your felt balls!!

Felt Ornaments


First pop the top of the ornament off

Fill it with hot glue

and press it onto your ornaments. THAT IS IT!!!!

They make such cute ornaments for little trees or even add them to a present!

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