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Why We Decided to Build

Why We Decided to Build


If I am being honest I didn’t think I would ever be writing this blog post. I thought for sure our last home was our final resting place. We loved the neighborhood, we had remodeled it just how we wanted it. When we bought the home we had 2 kids, but there was enough room for our family to grow or so we thought. Little did we know we would grow other ways and have a few different needs.

Why We Decided to Build

My Business needed more room.

After we bought our home we started remodeling and I figured I would blog about the process. Not really thinking it would go anywhere. More so I could track my progress. Then I needed furniture for our new home and the budget was tight. So rather than go buy everything new I started shopping thrift stores and refinishing furniture. Soon after that my friends and family asked me to refinish for them and before I knew it we had a garage full of furniture. Which meant our cars were kicked out of the garage and they never made it back in to the garage. My little business kept growing and before we knew it I needed a space because it was taking over the house. We started getting bids to build a garage in the backyard but we soon learned if we did that we would be pricing ourselves out of the market our home was currently in.

More Property

Our previous lot was only 1/4 of an acre. We were wanting at least a 1/2 an acre, which this lot is! Having more property gives us the option down the road to build another garage if we still need it. Or maybe even a pool…. ok that is on the wish list… but hey there is room for it now.

Master on the Main Floor

In the meantime I also had 2 hip surgeries and our master bedroom is on the second floor. Getting up and down the stairs proved to be trying and there are most likely more hip surgeries in my future… hopefully far future.


In our previous home we had 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 in the basement. Which meant there was a floor in between our room and the girls rooms. They were always scared to go down there. I hated that I couldn’t hear them if they needed something when we were upstairs.


My mom and step dad bought the lot next door to us! We lived within walking distance from them before. But next door… it doesn’t get much closer than that. I know what you are thinking…. how does your husband feel about this? You will be happy to know he was actually pushing for them to buy the lot next to us.

General Contractor

Most land in our area is bought up by tract builders. Not that that’s a bad thing. But they give you a few floor plans to pick from. A few finishes…. most of the finishes I like are an upgrade which cost so much. You can’t do your own sweat equity. So building with a tract builder was always out for us. Chances are we would end up with a million dollar home once I am done upgrading. My husband says I have expensive taste… ha ha. Our lot is a custom build and my step dad is a general contractor. Which means we can choose whatever our heart dreams of and we can do as much work as we want.

We currently have a basement. We are hoping to start framing within the next week!!

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