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Mid Century Modern Bedroom with a Touch of Boho

Mid Century Modern Bedroom with a Touch of Boho

Before and After

My oldest daughter is fun and spunky so I wanted her room to match her personality. I also wanted her to be involved with the planning. While we were building she picked out her light fixture. Which gave me the style for her room. A mid century modern bedroom with a touch of boho.

Here is the before

Accent Wall

I wanted to create a fun accent wall in her room so we drew this up together and then got to work creating it. It didn’t turn out exactly as we drew it, but I definitely helped along the way.

For the moldings on the wall I used MDF boards that I cut down to size. As for the angles I stuck with 45 degree angles to make it easier on myself. So, in other words every angle on the wall is either 45 degrees or straight.

Once the molding was all up I filled all of the holes and caulked the seams. I can’t stress how important this step is, it will make the finish product look 100 times better.

To paint this wall we used our HomeRight sprayer and Benjamin Moore paint in Backwoods.


I wanted to change things up a little in her room. For a nightstand we used this beautiful Tana Stool. Since there is limited space we went with this Gira Floor Lamp in Matte Black to add a layered look.

To add a little texture and lighten the space up a bit I added this Gabriola Bench in Ivory Boucle to the foot of her bed. To extend the texture I added the Turoy Chair in Ivory Boucle to the corner.

To make the corner feel cozy I added the Meron Mirror in Black and a fig tree. Now let’s talk storage. I fell in love with this Fantol Storage Shelf in Oak. The style is perfect for the mid century modern look and adds lots of storage to her room.


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