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Black and White Sharpie Pumpkins

Black and White Sharpie Pumpkins

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What happens when you put together a sharpie, mud cloth designs, pumpkins and some florals? You get an amazing pumpkin that is easier than you think to make!


How to make a Black and White Sharpie Pumpkins

For the floral and foam part check out my blog post here.

After you have the top of your pumpkin cut off and stuffed with foam it is time to pick a pattern. I googled mud cloth patterns and found a few I liked. Then I tried them out on the paper below to see which one I could do and liked best.

Once you have picked your pattern it is time to start drawing! Mod cloth patterns don’t have to be perfect. That’s the beauty of them. So I just pulled out my sharpie and started drawing. I drew each design in-between the pumpkins indents. It was an easy way to make sure things were centered up.

Continue doing this all the way around your pumpkin until the designs match up! If your design is off you can do dots to finish it off.

Then you are going to add your floral to the top of the pumpkin, pressing it down into the foam.

TADA you have a beautiful black and white sharpie pumpkin!

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