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Beginners Guide on Using a Throw Blanket

Do you love a good throw blanket, but get overwhelmed by all the different kinds and how to use them? Well, you are in luck! Below I have listed several different ways to use throws, plus some of my favorites.

Beginners Guide on Using a Throw Blanket


I love to drape throw blankets over chairs, especially when you can see the back of the chair.  It is fun to use a throw with tassels or pom poms for added color and texture.  This throw from Olive and Linen is one of my favorites because it has black tassels on 4 corners of the blanket making it fun to change things up.

Beginners Guide to Use a Throw Blanket Using a Throw Blanket in Your Living Room

One of my favorite ways to use a throw blanket is on a chair.  I love to drape it over the arm and then spread it out on the floor.  No, I don’t leave them like that all the time, it is mainly to stage for pictures.  This blanket is crochet with fun tassels on the ends.  I love the textures it adds to a space.

How to Use Throws on a Chair


Sometimes I like to fold throws for a neat and tidy look. I like to do that with throws that have fun details on the edges.

Using Throws in Your Living Room - Throws on Your Couch

And throws are perfect for decorating the corner of my couch.  I like to put a throw under my throw pillows to help me pop off the couch better.  This is a little bit more sloppy, but ideal for a family room… just throw it on there and arrange until you like it.  With this particular throw I just moved the corners until I got the black tassels where I wanted them.

Using Throws in Your Living Room - Throws on Your Couch

On couches I also like to spread the throws out onto the ground.  See how the throw takes your eyes up from the bottom of the photo to the center, it is a great photography tip. And if you’re looking for more ways to style toss pillows, you can see that here.

Living Room Decor Accents - Throw Blankets and Toss Pillows

If you want to change the look of an area adding a throw blanket is a great way to do that.  Look how different the couch appears with a light throw and dark throw.   These 2 throws also have different textures and are various sizes creating a very different feeling.

Living Room Decor Accents - Throw Blankets and Toss Pillows


I like to change my rooms up for different seasons, but to change bedding and all the decor can be very expensive. However, changing out a throw can be a great budget friendly way to bring a different style into a room.  For spring I used this blush pink throw and folded it neatly at the end of my bed.

Using Throw Blankets in Bedrooms

For everyday, I like to use a charcoal throw that matches my bedding.  And for creating an even different look, I like to just drape it over the corner of my bed.

How to Style a Throw

Sometimes I like to layer with 2 throws, one across the foot of the bed and one on the corner. Contrasting colors that match the decor are perfect.  Blush pink throw here   Teal Throw here

How to Style a Throw

Other Uses for Throws

You can also add throws to baskets.  And I love the look of chunky throws, they add so much texture.

How to Style a Throw

Have a design on a throw is another fun option.  I love to add tribal designed throws to baskets as well.

How to Style a Throw

Or, add it to a window seat to create a little extra style. I love it here with my patterned toss pillows. Beautiful and cozy!

How to Style a Throw


Favorite Throws

  1. Charcoal Throw
  2. Cream Striped Throw with Tassels
  3. Cream Throw with Black Tassels
  4. Blush Pink Throw
  5. Pom Poms on the end
  6. Striped Throws
  7. Aqua Throw Blanket
  8. Cream Knit Throw with Tassels
  9. Tribal Throw with Tassels
  10. Chunky Throw Blanket
  11. Cream Throw

Happy decorating!

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