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DIY Window Seat Storage

Has anyone else been on an organization kick lately? Since the year began, my main goal has been to maximize the storage in our house so hopefully everything can find a place. Likewise, everything that doesn’t have a place will either end up in the garbage or donated. As I’ve been redoing my little boy’s room, maximizing storage space has been priority since his room is so small. If anyone else has small bedrooms, you know how important it is to have extra space especially when it comes to a child’s room and housing a place for all of their things! See how we ended up maximizing our organization space by creating window seat storage!
A few years ago we tore apart the window seats in our bedroom to see if we could possibly add some storage. I was so excited when we tore the top off to find they were hollow!  Look at this amazing storage space we now have!  My son’s room also had one and we were able to do the same thing in there providing an instant toy box! An added bonus is that I don’t have to look at the mess…
Follow along so you can create your own window seat too!

How to Create Window Seat Storage

Step 1: We first tore off the MDF on the top and found plywood underneath. Before ripping it apart, we used a large drill bit and drill to cut out some holes to look inside and verify it was hollow before we destroyed it.

Create your own window seat
Once we got in there we found 2 large hornet nests. Fortunately for us, they were not active. Before tearing yours apart check outside to make sure you don’t have any bee/hornet activity around that area.
Create your own window seat
Step 2: Once the space is all cleared out then add insulation. Seal it up really well so you don’t have to deal with any bugs or critters getting in. We then added our bottom piece.
Build your own window seat


Step 3: Next, we put in the back and side pieces. We did have to remove the cross beam to get the wood down inside and flush. Make sure you are nailing them in there good and tight.

Build your own window seat


Create your own storage space in your window seat

Create your own storage space in your window seatStep 4: Add the cross bar back inside once all the interior wood pieces are in. This will help support the lid.

Create your own storage space in your window seat
Step 5: Next, we added wood along the top edge to hide the ugly 2 x 4’s and to cover the existing dry wall.

Create your own storage space in your window seatStep 6: Pull out the caulk and seal all of your remaining cracks that you may have missed. Also, fill in the nail holes. (tutorial here)

Maximize room storage by making a window seat
Step 7: For the top of the window seat, we were able to salvage an existing piece of MDF that was on there before and reuse it. If possible, you can also do the same. If not, it’s pretty cheap to buy wood that will cover this size. We cut off 2 inches on each side of the top so when opening the lid it doesn’t rub against the wall. We also added a 4 foot hinge.
Maximize room storage by making a window seat
Step 8: I painted everything the same color as my moldings. Maximize room storage by making a window seat

Voila!! I love the simplicity and ease of creating this window seat storage! I am excited for my little guy to have his own designated reading nook!




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