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How to Create a Christmas Master Bedroom

How to Create a Christmas Master Bedroom

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We are renting. You have heard me say that a million times I am sure… but when it comes to decorating it really changes how you do things. Since this is my Aunts house I don’t want to put holes in the walls or tear things apart. So I am embracing the character of what is here!

I spent about $100 to decorate my bedroom this year. Now don’t be fooled… yes all of this stuff costs more than $100…. so how did I do it for $100? I used lots of stuff I had from last year too. Decorating is so expensive if you are buying new every year. So just buy a few hot items for a space to bring it to life.

New Items:

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Another fun way to change up your decor is to just simply switch out art work. Look how much different my room looks with this believe sign. Seriously, don’t over think it. Just start by changing little things and go from there.

Happy Christmas Decorating!!

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