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Mums and Pumpkins Fall Porch

Mums and Pumpkins Fall Porch

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As you know we are living with my Aunt right now. I feel a little bit out of my element in decorating. Which has turned out to be a good thing. It has forced me out of my comfort zone and made me think outside of the box. Oh and I should add most of my stuff is in the storage shed. But that wasn’t going to stop me from adding little fall to our home.

Tips for Creating a Mums and Pumpkins Fall Porch

  • Find an Inspiration Piece – I thought about doing black and white, but my color loving heart had to have these mums from Costco, I mean look how amazing they are. I planned my porch around these beauties.
  • Incorporate Color – I found these pumpkins at Home Goods, (similar pumpkins here). I love how the teal pumpkins look with the pink mums. They compliment each other so perfectly. I also brought out my succulent pumpkins (tutorial on how I made them here). They helped to bring all of my colors together.
  • Mix and Match – Sometimes I get so caught up in having thing uniform. Did you know it is actually more appealing to your eye if you have different sized items. Use some big items as your main pieces, like the mums and large pumpkins. These big items will help to make the space feel full. Next add in some medium sized items. They can be different shapes, sizes and even textures. Last but not least, add is little filler items. Like these little pumpkins or even a few succulents here and there. This will help to make the space feel full and well balanced.

I hope that helps your create your own fall porch this year!!

Happy decorating,


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