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How to Refresh your KitchenAid

How to Refresh your KitchenAid

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I love our KitchenAid.  We have had it for almost 7 years now and it is still going strong.  When we opened up our pantry (post here) I wanted it to be displayed on our countertop.  However, red is not in my color scheme anymore.  I have been searching for the last few months on a way to change the color of my mixer.  I know you can paint them with chalk paint, but I wanted to find a durable way to change the color that would not only last but look like I bought it like that! Well the search is finally over because I found the perfect product and it is so easy!! Read on to find out how to refresh your KitchenAid!

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home

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How to refresh your Kitchen Aid:

Remove the hardware

First off, make sure to take this little project outside or in the garage where you won’t have to worry about making a mess. Next, you will want to remove any hardware that can come off so you don’t accidentally spray it. The base in the bottom (if you have a model like that) and any other knobs that may be removable. Put these somewhere you won’t forget and try not to lose any pieces!

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home

Clean the surface

Then you will want to give the surface of the Kitchen Aid a nice clean and polish. Smooth and clean surfaces are ideal here. When your surface is spotless then the paint sticks better, therefore achieving a better result! To achieve this I used this amazing Amy Howard Clean Slate refinisher. This cleaner was a cinch to use and removed all the grime from my Kitchen Aid before refinishing. Just grab a cloth and wipe. No skills needed!

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home | DIY

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | DIY

Tape off areas

Before spraying with color, you will definitely want to tape off any areas that should not be colored. For example, knobs that may not come off, cord, or any of the silver hardware pieces. Just use painter’s tape to do this. It will peel right off afterwards and won’t leave any sticky residue behind.

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home

Spray paint

Now comes the fun part! I chose to use Amy Howard’s At Home Lacquer spray paint in Belize.  The trick with this spray paint is to apply very thin “dust” like coats to avoid any runs.  The picture below is after one coat.  I applied 6 more coats like this, letting each coat dry before applying the next.

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home | Paint projects

The Top Coat

After all the red was covered I applied 3 coats of Amy Howard’s Bright Idea Clear Lacquer to extra protection.

The final result

I really loved how it turned out! It accents the colors in my kitchen beautifully. Instead of a bold mismatch I now have a cute pop of color, plus extra incentive to put my baking skills to work! Try it out and see for yourself. Refresh your Kitchen Aid and see how easy and simple it can be!Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home | Pantry Makeover

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home | Pantry Makeover

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home | Pantry Makeover

Refresh Your Kitchen Aid | Start at Home | Pantry Makeover

See our full pantry makeover here!



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Budget friendly way to refresh your KitchenAid

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