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DIY Clothing Rack

While we build our home we are living with my Aunt. I will say it is rather roomy. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room and a kitchen. We do share the kitchen with my Aunt but it has been working out quite well.

Since this is my Aunts home we put most of our furniture into storage and we are just using what she already has in the home. The room my oldest daughter is in has a closet… but it has my Aunts stuff in it. I thought my 3 kids could just share the other closet. Well they can…. but it came with more fighting than I expected. Back to the drawing board.

I found this beauty at West Elm. But at $350 it is slightly out the the budget.

I had some galvanized pipe in the storage shed I used in our old home so I figured I might as well use what I had!

Here is what her room looked like when we moved in….

And here is how it looks now! Wow what transformation right?

How to Build a Clothes Rack


The best part about this clothing rack is once you have all the supplies putting it together is pretty easy. All of the ends need to be threaded so you can screw everything together. I threaded some of mine by myself. Which is a lot of work…. I gave up half way through and took them to a local hardware store that had a threader. That was A LOT faster.

I started by building the base first. I used 2 Tee’s, 4 90 degree elbows, 4 floor flanges, 4 12″ pipes and 4 3″ pipes. You will build 2 of these bases. One for each side of the clothes rack. I did make one change for you. I would recommend using a 90 degree elbow on each side instead of a tee. I use the tee’s because I already had them and didn’t want to buy new ones.

Next I screwed in the 53″ pipes to each base.

After you have the 53″ pipes screwed on attach a 90 degree elbow to each side and then screw the 46″ pipe into both of the 90 degree elbows. And your frame is all put together.

After it was put together I spray painted it all with Rustoleums metallic oil rubbed bronze. I found it was easier to spray after it was put together.

While your paint dries cut your wood down to 53″ long and stain it with the dark walnut stain.

Once everything is dry your clothing rack is DONE!!!

You may notice my sides are not solid pieces. Again, that’s because I was trying to use what I already had. It was cheaper to buy the couplings to connect them.

And we can’t forget about this rug. It is so soft and plush. I love the black, white and grey variations. Since it was going in my daughters room I need it is help hide stains. It has been amazing so far! …. and my followers get a 55% discount! just use the code startathome55

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