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Cupcake Valentine’s Day Box

Every year we get the option to create a Valentine’s Day box for class Valentines at school. Some years have been more creative than others, but this year my daughter really wanted to make a cupcake Valentine’s Day box. I always get a little excited when she wants to craft, because she doesn’t really love to do it. It was a simple project, but it does take some time to cover the whole cupcake with tissue paper.

What you need for a cupcake Valentine’s Day box:

  • poster board
  • tissue paper – we used an entire pack
  • hot glue
  • pencil
  • foam dome – I found this one at Joann’s
  • foam ball
  • red paint
  • bucket – I found this one at Dollar Tree
  • Scissors

Making a cupcake Valentine's Day box

How to make a cupcake Valentine’s Day box:

Step 1: Start by cutting the tissue paper into 3″ x 3″ squares.

Making a Valentine's Day box for school

Step 2: Next, fold them around the end of a pencil and add a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the tissue paper.

Kid Friendly Crafts for Valentine's Day

Step 3: Stick them to the foam dome.

Cupcake Box

Step 4: Cut a hole in the top big enough for valentines to fit through. Mine is about 4 inches across.

Step 5: Paint the cherry red (foam ball).

Kid Friendly Crafts

Step 6: Cut your poster board into 2 strips to cover your bucket.  I measured from the top of the bucket to the bottom and then cut 2 strips that size. Fold back and forth like an accordion or paper fan. I made each fold roughly an inch thick.

Valentine's Day cupcake box

Step 7: Glue the poster boards together so the “accordion paper” is overlapping as shown here. The bucket should not be visible from the outside.

Valentine's Day cupcake box

Step 8: Next start gluing the points to the bucket with the hot glue gun.

Set the cupcake part on top, top it off with a cherry and you are good to go. I didn’t glue the top to the bucket so it could be taken off to get to the Valentines.

Happy Crafting!!

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