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Window Ideas and Inspirations for Our New Home

Window Ideas and Inspirations for Our New Home


I will start by saying I didn’t think I would put this much thought into windows.  I mean a window is a window… you just look out it right?  Well the more I have studied exteriors and interiors the more I have come to find, if done right a window can be a huge design element of a home.  I thought I would share with you a few window ideas and inspirations to consider for when you are building a home.

Window Ideas and Inspirations for Our New Home


How Many Windows?

Ellen at The Feather Glass has the wall of windows I am dreaming of! Check out her beautiful home here

Window Ideas and Inspirations for Our New Home

Our family room will lead back on to our back patio,  I would love to have windows like this.  Look at all the natural light.  Instead we will have sliding glass doors with screens to let the outside air (not bugs) in.

Since we are going to have 10 foot ceilings on our main floor.  Our sliding glass doors will be 8 ft leaving me 2 extra feet….so to have another window over the door would be so fun don’t ya think?

Window Ideas and Inspirations for Our New Home

Size of Windows


Black Window exterior ideas

Source Studio McGee

I really want big windows… almost floor to ceiling.  (like below)  However I did a learn a few things about that.  If you have big windows that are only 18″ up off the ground they have to be tempered which is an additional cost.  Defiantly something to consider when deciding on a size.

exterior black windows


Black or White

At first we were going to do white windows.  After all right now we have a white house with white windows and I like it just fine.

white windows and a white house


You may notice the white blends in more with a white exterior.  Since I am wanting my windows to be a design feature I really like how the black pops against the white!

black windows and a white house



Adding grids to your windows can really help to establish a style to your home.  I love Brooke’s farmhouse styled home and don’t those windows just scream farmhouse?

Farmhouse windows


I also love having just the top half grids.  It gives me all the cottage feels.  You can also do no grid like the middle window.  Grids are an extra charge so yet another way to spend you money… ha ha.

Cottage style windows


Window Details

The Lily Pad Cottage has been major inspiration for the exterior of our home.  You can check out the full exterior here

beautiful window box and metal roof

We will have a few window just like this with the metal handing over, I think i need to fire up my CNC machine and create those corbels underneath.  Maybe if I am ambitious that same design over the garage.

I hope these ideas help you to choose the right windows for your home!


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