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How to Paint Exterior Brick Like a Pro

How to Paint Exterior Brick

I’ve wanted to paint my exterior brick for a long time due to my siding clashing with my roof. I wanted something light and bright and decided to just go for it! We started this over Labor Day weekend and I am so happy with the result.

To paint exterior brick is not a quick job, but it was well worth the effort to do it ourselves rather than pay a professional to do it, saving us loads of money and tackling something new that I had never attempted before! Read on for instructions as well as a DIY Video.

how to paint exterior brickWhat You Will Need:  (affiliate links)

Remove All Furniture

Keep in mind that when you are spraying, over spray will get EVERYWHERE!!  Make sure you have removed all furniture and plants.  Anything you don’t want paint on make sure it is covered.

Clean Your Brick

This step is very important.  In order for your primer to stick correctly the brick must be clean.  I used our power washer to spray everything off and then I went back with a rag to make sure no dirt or grime was left behind.

Tape Off Windows and Doors

I used Frogtape and painter’s paper to cover all of my windows and door. Spend the extra time and tape these areas well. It will be worth it!

Cover Your Porch

Spraying is very messy so make sure all surfaces are covered.  I laid down big sheets of cardboard, but you can cover it with painter’s paper or even drop cloths.

Prime the Brick

Now you are ready to paint.  Make sure you are priming with an exterior primer that will bond to brick.

Paint Exterior Brick

After the primer is dry it is time to paint.  As I painted, my husband came behind me with a roller to smooth out the paint and help it to adhere to the brick.  We applied 2 coats of paint.


how to paint exterior brick


This really works easiest if there are two people working on this together. I love the result and I hope you will too!




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  • Candy Walsh

    It looks great! Wish I was brave enough to do that, lol. What color is the paint on your front door? I love it!

  • Sandra

    Hi Brooke! I need some help ! I just bought two pieces of furniture on Craigslist and I would like to refinish them. Your work is stunning so I thought you could give me a little piece of advice. Is there any way I could send you a photo of my furniture (they are two corner curios) so that you can have a look at it?
    Thanks a lot,
    Sandra Huisman

  • Nice Post.Thanks for sharing wonderful information about home furniture and for more information about different categories of home furniture and garden furniture in detail visit

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