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DIY Felt Garlands for Spring on a Budget

I love to change things out for the seasons.  But that an be very costly and sometimes A LOT of work.  So instead of going all out I decided to create come easy in expensive DIY felt garlands for spring and easter.

DIY Felt Garlands for Spring


Felt Flower

  1. cut 8 circles the size of a quarter
  2. cut in to the center on one side
  3. place a stripe of hot glue
  4. fold top piece over the hot glue and let cool
  5. cut a square a little bigger than your circles
  6. begin hot gluing the circles to the square
  7. continue gluing petals in a circle and layering them as you go.
  8. Once everything is glued add a pearl to the center.


Felt Bunny Garland

  1. Order 4cm felt balls (get them here)
  2. Cut out of felt white ears and the pink a little smaller for the inside. Also cut out a small circle for the nose.
  3. hot glue the white ear on first and let cool.  Then add the pink to the front and let cool.  Next add the nose.
  4. pull out your string and thread your needle.  Make sure the needle eye is big enough for your string to fit through.
  5. Thread you felt bunnies and balls on to the string making sure your needle goes through the center of the ball.
  6. Continue until all your felt balls have been threaded.

Since the flowers and bunnies are heavier this garland needs to be up against a wall so they can rest on the wall.  Otherwise they want to flip upside down.

I love how they look together, a great mix for Easter and spring!

You can view my chicken wire frame tutorial here 

Happy Crafting!


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