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Beginner’s Guide to Arranging Flowers

Beginner’s Guide to Arranging Flowers

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Beginner’s Guide to Arranging Flowers

Have any of you ever wanted to learn about arranging flowers? It’s actually very simple to do and really just takes a good eye to see what combinations of flowers work and what doesn’t.  When I am buying a bouquet of flowers I will usually buy 2, one with my main flower, in this case it is roses and the other smaller filler is flowers and foliage.  My favorite place to buy flowers is Costco. They are always fresh and they last for a long time. They are also very reasonably priced for what you get. I love arranging flowers and purchasing a couple bunches of separate flowers is a great way to begin arranging your own.

You can watch my video tutorial below on making my own flower arrangement!

Step for Arranging Your Flowers

  1. Add fresh water and plant food to your flower container. This can be a vase or a tall jar. Anything will work!
  2. Next, separate your flowers. In this case I separate my main flowers, the roses, from my smaller flowers and foliage. This will make arranging your flowers easier if you can place them in separate groups.
  3. Before placing them into your container, cut your stems at an angle and down to the size you want them. I usually only try to trim them by a couple inches or so. But it may depend on how big your vase is.
  4. Begin arranging by starting with your main flower that you would like as the middle centerpiece. (I also leave out a few of my main flowers, just in case I want to add more later.)
  5. Last, start filling in your arrangement with the smaller flowers and foliage. It is always a great idea to mix up some foliage in with the smaller flowers. It adds variety and dimension to your arrangement. You will want to make sure that your bouquet looks full, but not so jam-packed that you are crushing flowers together. I arrange these filler pieces until I can get it just right!


Beginner's Guide to Arranging Flowers

When arranging flowers, also make sure to use a variety of colors and play upon whatever flowers or colors are in season for decorating! This will make it more festive and beautiful.Beginner's Guide to Arranging Flowers Learn how to arrange your own flowers Make your own custom flower arrangements Making your own flower centerpieces

Happy flower arranging! I hope you love it as much as I do!

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