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Decorating with Flowers: How to Care For and Use Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are my go to flowers for two reasons. The first being they are a very versatile flower. They are beautiful on their own, but can easily be dressed up or dressed down, just like an outfit! As such, they are the perfect backdrop for pictures. And the second reason – hydrangeas are very easy to care for.

Using hydrangeas in your home decor

Caring for Hydrangeas

Now let’s talk about caring for your hydrangeas. If done right, they can last for up to 2 weeks freshly cut. This is the second reason they are my go to flowers.

Here is how I care for hydrangeas:

  • When I first bring my flowers home I take them out of the plastic and cut 6 inches off of the bottom.  
  • I immediately put them into water.  
  • Once in water I spray the blooms with a spray bottle.  Hydrangeas get most of their water through their blooms

Continued care:

  • If one of my flowers starts to wilt I will take it out and submerge the blooms into cold water for a few minutes. This will usually bring them back to life for a few more days!
  • For wilting flowers you can also dip the stems in boiling water this will help them come back.
  • After I have had the flowers for a week I will take them out and cut off at least another inch of the stem to freshen it up. I will also change the water. If you can grab an extra bag of plant food this will be the time to add it. If not, fresh water will do!
  • You can also dip your stems in alum to help them last longer.

Decorating with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a perfect flower to use in pictures because they are so full. I also like to dress them up by placing them in white pitchers and adding other flowers to go with them. These coral roses coupled with hydrangeas make for an elegant display.

Decorating with hyrangeas

Sometimes I like to add a little color to my hydrangea bouquet, and daisies are perfect for that.

How to use hydrangeas in your decorating

To dress my hydrangeas down I like to put them in this tin bucket. I love the look of rustic elegance this produces. I also love to combine them with other white flowers for a fun texture.

Using hydrangeas in your home decor

A few years ago my husband planted me 3 hydrangea bushes, 2 purple and 1 pink. The purple did amazing and mixed so well with my white hydrangeas. They look beautiful in turquoise jars. Secretly, I think my husband planted them so I would stop buy them all the time. What can I say… I LOVE FLOWERS!!

Last but not least, enjoy those beautiful hydrangeas!

decorating with flowers

decorating with flowers


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  • Oscar Bravo

    Found your link thru Home Decor & More in Iris Nacole’s blog! They all look beautiful! Love how you paired the white hydrangeas next to the peach roses. Great contrast

  • Becky

    Beautiful and simple! Thanks for linking up to the Talk of the town party!

  • Paul

    I am a nature lover person, I will definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing this.

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