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How To Spray a Room for a Professional Finish

How To Spray a Room for a Professional Finish

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Hello!  I get asked often how to spray a room for a professional finish.  So as I was redoing my daughters rooms I made sure to take pictures!  Let me first start by saying I will only spray a room that does not have carpet…why?  It seems no matter how hard I try to tape everything off somehow I still get paint on the floor underneath.  When you have a wood, or tile floor it is easy clean up…..carpet…..not so easy.

To spray a room you will need: (affiliate links)

The first think you want to do is tape off the floor.  After the floor was taped off I painted my baseboards.  I did paint them with a brush.  I add floetrol to my paint to eliminate the look of brush marks.  As you can see I was not worried about being careful to not get paint on the wall above as I am going to go back and paint all of that.  baseboards-finish-work-11

Once my baseboard were dry I added paper to the floor EVERYWHERE!  there is a lot of overspray so anything you don’t want paint on MUST be covered.


After the floor had all the paper down I went back and taped off the moldings


I also tape the paper over the baseboards down to the floor so it does not fly up as I am spraying.


I also tape off my windows and outlets so they stay free of paint as well.  I wanted the shelves to be the same color as the molding so I taped them off too.


Once everything is taped off and covered it is time for paint!

how-to-spray-a-room-5 how-to-spray-a-room-4

Since I used hardboard to create my faux shiplap (tutorial here)  It has to be primed first.

how-to-spray-a-room-10 how-to-spray-a-room-9

This is my favorite paint sprayer. It is a Graco Truecoat (link here)   It is great for little jobs and you don’t have to thin your paint!!how-to-spray-a-room-8

I applied 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of my latex paint.  After I had sprayed everything I let it dry over night before I removed the paper.  You may need to do touch ups with a paint brush.  I would recommend doing that before you pull all your paper up!  Once you have pulled up all your paper the room will be ready to move your furniture into!!




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