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How to Install Peel and Stick Wallpaper Right the First Time

I can’t believe how this peel and stick wallpaper changed the look of my closet. Don’t be afraid of peel and stick wallpaper. I will give you some tips below so you can install peel and stick wallpaper right the first time.




  • Floral Wallpaper from Anewall
  • Squeegee
  • Tape Measure
  • Razor Blade
  • Blue Tape

How to Install Peel and Stick Wallpaper Right the First Time

Watch my full YouTube tutorial here

  • Don’t skip Laying out wallpaper first. This will make it so you don’t install the wallpaper upside down and so you start from the correct side so your wallpaper’s seams match up correctly. Putting the first piece up is so important. 
  • Leave 1” above your ceiling just incase your ceilings are not 100% level This gives you a little wiggle room.  
  • Cutting Wallpaper When I have a big chunk to cut out I find it easiest to mark my paper and measure the piece and then cut it on the ground.  I don’t cut off the extra because I may need to adjust or the wall maybe slanted.
  • Remove about 4” of the backing at a time and use my squeegee to secure the wallpaper to the wall and get all the air bubbles out.  I continue working down the wall only.  At the bottom I cut off some of the excess and made a slit in the bottom corner so I could get the vinyl nice and secure.  
  • On to the second piece.  Vinyl wallpaper usually overlaps up to 1 1/2” so make sure to read the instructions. 
  • Before I apply my wallpaper I match my pattern up in the center and use blue tape to hold it in place.  This will make it so your seams match up so much better and at eye level they will be right on!  I still start at the top and pull off about 4inches of the backing and work my way down, cutting in around the windows and making sure to squeegee all the air out of the vinyl.  
  • The great part about vinyl wallpaper is I can pull it up and replace it again.  Installing wallpaper is not hard, make sure to go slow, double check your marks before and keep checking your seams. 
  • It took me about 4 hours to install this whole wall start to finish.  If I didn’t have so many things to cut around it would have been a lot faster.  Now that I have all the wallpaper on I go back and trim everything. 
  • I have found the best way to trim wallpaper is to put your blade in-between the surface and the squeegee and run them along together.  It make for a perfect straight line. 

I hope this helps you install your peel and stick wallpaper right the first time. It is a great way to change the whole look of a space.

I built our master closet as well. You can view the tutorial here

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