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How to Create an Ombre Look with Spray Paint

One of my favorite design techniques is using the ombre look. I’ve even used it in my furniture pieces before. But I absolutely love it on my latest cutout land of the brave, for the 4th of July. See my tutorial below for more details on how to get this ombre look with spray paint.

How to Create an Ombre Look with Spray Paint



Create an Ombre Look With Spray Paint

  1. First, pick 3 paint colors to use on your project. I chose red, white and blue for my patriotic theme. I used Rustoleum spray paint with a satin finish. Stick with satin, eggshell or matte for a non-glossy finish. Remember that if using white, pick a good white. I used Zinsser primer for a really good coat.
  2. Also remember, when creating the ombre look with spray paint, less is more. You want the least amount of layers possible. Also, spray with short, small sprays instead of a continuous long one.
  3. Take your first color (blue) and shake it up really good. Start spraying the sides of your cutout.
  4. Next, spray the top face with a really good coat.
  5. Let the coat dry for a few minutes. However, do not let it get too dry because you want your coats to somewhat blend together, but not drip into each other.
  6. Repeat this process with your middle color next (white). Add it to the sides, then spray the top face. Be careful not to spray too much on the transitional part of the word.
  7. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  8. Repeat with your final color. Spray the sides and then the top face.

How to Create an Ombre Look with Spray Paint

It’s that easy to create an ombre look with spray paint! If you find that you need to add some touching up, do so only after it has completely dried.

Patriotic Ombre Look with Spray Paint

You can see my other ombre look on my snap crackle pop cutout. More of my patriotic signs can be seen here.


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