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Finding a Floor Plan

Finding a Floor Plan


Finding a floor plan can be daunting! Believe me, I know. I spent hours and house trying to find the perfect one!!!

A few places I looked:

I also saved a few of my favorites in my search. I will show you them below!

This is such a cute cottage style home. I actually almost went with this home. But I needed one more bedroom. View the plan here

Such a cute modern Farmhouse. I love all the windows and the catwalk to the garage. (view plans here)

This home was the second choice to the one we built. . (plan here)

I love how open the main floor is and how the fireplace only separates the family room and keeping room. But the master bedroom was not on the main floor. We talked about turning the garage into the master suite and then moving the garage back behind… but in the end we decided not to go this route.

I LOVED this house! Good thing I didn’t go this route… my neighbors are building this house!! plans here

Biringer Builders Southern Gothic Street of Hope

Another super cute modern farmhouse. Love the 2 story look. (plan here)

Now this is a darling house!! (plan here)

We ended up using a variation of a plan and making custom changes. See those home plans here.

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