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DIY Candle Centerpiece

DIY Candle Centerpiece

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I love sugar molds. They have so many functions and look great in home decor. I wanted to create a candle centerpiece with a sugar mold that would hold smaller candles. For a few hours of time and for less than $20, look what I made!

They are super easy! Want to make one too?


View the full tutorial below!

How to Make

  • Step one – cut the 4 x 6 down to 30″.
  • Measure out the hole for your candles. I came in 3″ from each end and then measured every 2″ for each candle. I wanted my candles offset so I brought each hole in 1 1/4″ from each side (I explain this in the video better).
  • Drill all the holes around 1/2″ to 1″ deep.
  • Lightly sand the wood.
  • Stain with dark walnut stain – see directions on labels for more information.
  • Wipe excess stain off with rag and allow to dry.

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