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Change up your Christmas Decor with Ribbon!

Change up your Christmas Decor with Ribbon!

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I wanted to change up my decor a bit this year, without breaking the bank.  I know I say that a lot, but decorating is so expensive so I am always looking for other ways to add something new. This year I opted to change up my Christmas decor with ribbon, thrifty yet just as beautiful!

Christmas Decor with Ribbon

Last year I just used red and white ribbon. See below

Christmas decor with ribbon

This year I decided to add some charcoal ribbon.  My fireplace is now grey and I have a charcoal dresser in the room so it is a great way to incorporate my everyday decor into my Christmas decor as well.grey and charcoal family room

I love stripes so I went with 2 different stripes .. (affiliate link here)

Christmas decor ribbon

Its a good idea to have a solid ribbon also. I use the solid on my gifts too!

Christmas decor ribbon
Red layered ribbon

I like to layer my ribbon because it gives it a fun dimension and texture.  When picking out your ribbon make sure to check sizes so they layer correctly.

I start at the top of the tree and tuck my ribbon into the tree as I go down.  When I tuck it into the tree I pinch it so it has a fluff about it.

Decorate a christmas tree with ribbon

Next, I add another color of ribbon that is also layered.  This ribbon I put on a little more randomly then the other one.

Decorate a christmas tree with ribbon

I continue to work it down the tree until I run out of ribbon.  I usually use around a 6 foot strip.  Once it runs out I start again at the top of the tree.

Christmas decor with ribbon

The ribbon may not look perfect when you are done but that’s ok.  Now it is time to add in the ornaments and make the tree nice and full!

Here is how my tree turned out this year.  You can see it is similar… yet different from last year and the only thing I bought was ribbon!!

Christmas decor with ribbon

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