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Beginners Guide to Styling Shelves

Beginners Guide to Styling Shelves


Tired of your decor and need a little change?  How about changing up your shelves?  Don’t have a budget to do it?  Shop your house for a fun new change.

Add Texture

A great way to add a fun element to shelves is by incorporating textures.  There are a few ways to do this:

  1. use dishes with different textures
  2. stack plates or bowls
  3. fill canisters with silverware
  4. a wire basket filled with something
  5. a wicker basket

Add Greenery

I wanted to create a somewhat neutral color palette for these shelves.   Green is a great color to bring in as it is a natural color.  I used different types of greenery to give me some textures.  As well as the limes in the basket.  

Notice how each shelf has 2 pops of green.  This helps to balance the shelves and it is more pleasing to the eye.


Don’t place everything in a straight line.  Bring some things forward and push others back.  This will give your shelves more dimension.

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