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Bathroom Reno Week 2: Getting Ready for Tile

Of all the tips I can share about bathroom renovation, making sure you begin with a good foundation is key. You might think that you can just lay tile or whatever flooring you choose, right on top of the subfloor. Not so, my friends! If you want something that will last and be good quality, take the time to do it right and give yourself a good foundation. This week my bathroom reno has been all about getting ready for tile.

Bathroom Demolition

Unfortunately, this is kind of a boring, ugly week in the bathroom… ha ha. I can’t wait to give this guy a facelift with our gorgeous products sponsored by Jeffrey Court.

Getting ready for tile

Here is what the bathroom looked like last week. Yes, that is water damage and possibly mold. I have yet to pull apart a bathroom that doesn’t have some sort of water damage. If you find this in your bathroom, don’t be too alarmed. First, you need to check a few things… is the area still wet? If it is still wet then water is still leaking from somewhere. You need to find the leak and stop it. If it isn’t wet, then the next test is how strong is the plywood? If it is at all squishy I would replace it. But, if it is still hard like ours was, then spray it with bleach and let it dry all the way out for a few days. Once it is dry you can finish installation.

Bathroom Renovation

Getting Ready for Tile: Foundation

We removed the old sheet rock because it had liquid nails still attached to it. When you are installing tile, it is important you have a flat and level surface or installation can get tricky. So to be safe, we installed new mold and mildew resistant sheetrock on the walls.

Getting ready for tile-foundation

On the floor we installed 1/4″ thick cement backboard. Cement backboard creates a very smooth surface and great stability for tile. You will want your floor as level as possible to make it easier for tile installation. Also, don’t forget to cut out areas for your plumbing.

Getting ready for tile-flooring Getting ready for tile

I’m excited to begin installation shortly. Don’t forget to follow along with our project and learn how you can also get this look in your own bathroom renovation!



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