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My Favorite Farmhouse Vanity Lights

As we’ve been tediously working on our upstairs bathroom remodel, my thoughts have been occupied by lighting options. Honestly, it’s nice that there are so many options out there, but when it comes down to picking one it would be great if there weren’t quite so many. The good thing though is that when it comes to lighting the sky is the limit! There are so many fun designs… a little something for everyone – even those remodeling bah-humbugs. If you have been on the hunt for some gorgeous farmhouse bathroom lighting, look no further! In fact, you can just call me the lighting whisperer… HA! Here are some of my favorite farmhouse vanity lights that may or may not end up in my bathroom.

Favorite Farmhouse Vanity Lights

In my mind, lanterns have always screamed farmhouse. I love this lantern sconce for that very reason. This one is also available in a darker wood color, but I kind of like the light wood mixed in there.

My Favorite Farmhouse Vanity Lighting


This mason jar styled light here is fun, especially with the glass lining.


Favorite farmhouse vanity lights


I also really like this farmhouse sconce here. C’est magnifique!!

Favorite farmhouse vanity lights


Wanting something a little more modern? See this one in silver. Again, this kind of imitates that mason jar look that I like, but with a modern twist.

Farmhouse vanity bathroom lights


Or how about this modern farmhouse 3-light panel? I may end up doing wall sconces, but I’m not completely ruling out the vanity strip above. These can really brighten the room if your bathroom is super dark.

Favorite farmhouse vanity lights

I also really enjoy this silver sconce. I have something similar in my downstairs bathroom and I think it could potentially work for my upstairs bathroom as well.

Bathroom wall sconce


They also come in bronze wall sconces seen here.

Bathroom wall sconce


This lighting takes on more of an industrial farmhouse lighting design. These can be an awesome accent if that is the look you are going for.

Farmhouse Vanity Lights

Here is an upward turned wall sconce light that I really like as well. You’ll probably end up with a little more dust on the lightbulb, but the lighting effect can be very beautiful.

Farmhouse Vanity Lights


I may even contemplate one or two hanging pendants, if the look goes well in my bathroom. I really love hanging pendants, and who says you can’t put them in a bathroom as well!

Farmhouse Lighting Bathroom Pendant

Or a smaller pendant like this one that is really fun too.

Farmhouse Lighting Bathroom Pendant

There are so many options for bathroom lighting that it can be overwhelming.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorite farmhouse vanity lights and that it helps to point you in the right direction. Stay tuned to see what I end up putting in my bathroom!



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