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Demo in the Bathroom

This week we have been getting ready to redo our upstairs hall bath and replace it with some awesome supplies from Jeffrey Court. The first step: tear apart the bathroom. There is nothing I love more than a little demo in the bathroom. But really, who out there doesn’t love a little demolition that involves destroying stuff? If you ever need a little therapeutic exercise, I highly recommend it.

Demo in the bathroom

What You Need to Demo in the Bathroom

  • Razor blade – to run along the silicone lines
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Crowbar – or anything flat you can get under the tile
  • Broom for clean up
  • Bucket to catch water and for clean up
  • Towel to clean up water
  • Mr. Muscles – my husband makes the process go much faster!


How to Demo a Bathroom


  1. First, start by removing everything from the bathroom. Take off items that are hanging on the wall.
  2. Make sure to shut off the water valves under the sink and disconnect them from the water faucet. 
  3. Remove the vanity from the bathroom.
  4. Now, it’s time to get rid of the toilet. Remove all the water from the toilet tank. Also, you will need to take out the bolts on either side of the toilet base and pull up. Toilets are super heavy so you may need help in carrying it out of the bathroom.
  5. Next, take off all the baseboards – tile, wood, or whichever are in your bathroom. Do this first so it is easier to take out the flooring.
  6. Remove all the tile from the floor. We also discovered a second subfloor as well that needed to be taken out. As we did this we also found some water damage. Always be prepared for the unexpected when doing a demo project!
  7. Take out your shower fixtures. This includes removing the shower surround. Be careful as you do this. These are heavy and can fall and damage your bathtub. We are keeping our bathtub so we took extra care with this step. If you are planning on reusing any fixtures, be careful to remove them and place them where you can keep track of all the parts.
  8. Last of all, clean up!! If you clean as you go this makes it a much more functional space and you won’t track stuff around your house.


Bathroom demolition of our hall bathroom Bathroom demolition of our hall bathroom

You can definitely tell that I love a good demo project!

Bathroom demolition with Start at home

This bathroom remodel is being sponsored by Jeffrey Court.

Make sure to follow along as we complete this project! For videos on this bathroom remodel, you can subscribe and follow along here.

Happy Demo-ing!



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