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Our New Pantry

I had collected a bunch of pictures and ideas for my pantry so bringing them to life was so much fun. I shared my ideas with Troy at Foxwood who designed this space and made my dreams a reality. One main suggestion I have when building a house is to work with people who are willing and able to help your ideas come to life. Foxwood was amazing with any changes I wanted and their communication was awesome.


These doors were custom made to fit the space by Jaron at North Edge Woodshop Co. They are 8 ft tall x 3ft wide and made with raw white oak and a lacquer finish over the top. We put magnets on the top and bottom to keep the doors shut.

My flooring is from ADM Flooring. It is called Vintage beige and is 7.5″ wide. You can view how we installed it here.

Pantry | Pantry doors | Pantry organization | Modern Farmhouse pantry


My pantry isn’t very wide so I didn’t want to cram too many appliances in there. We put our microwave in there, as well as this Elkay Water bottle filler and a pebble ice machine – my husband’s “must have”. Moving these appliances into the pantry opened up space in my kitchen for other cabinets. We have now been in our home 6 weeks and our pebble ice machine and water bottle filler are easily our most used appliances. So far we haven’t had a problem with them. If you are in Utah, I would highly recommend you visiting Great Western Supply in Ogden. They will take such great care of you!

Pantry | Pantry doors | Pantry organization | Modern Farmhouse pantry


My goal for my house was to have a place for EVERYTHING. Even in the pantry. Having functional space as well as attractive space is always ideal.

The gallon glass jars are great for holding sugar, flour, beans, rice and even my husband’s protein powder. I also love having a countertop in here. This countertop is Liberty Bronze Quartz from Daltile.

I got wire baskets for my produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. And these awesome racks make storing and rotating my canned goods so much easier.

For stuff that wasn’t as pretty I got these seagrass baskets. Some of the items that are in there include: Top Roman, cake mixes and other baking supplies, chips, packaged oatmeal, etc.

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Pantry | Pantry doors | Pantry organization | Modern Farmhouse pantry

The clear plastic containers are by OXO. They have the button on top that you push to seal. I have absolutely LOVED these. I put crackers, pretzels, noodles, hot chocolate, oatmeal, croutons and a few other baking items.

I have especially loved having the crackers in these containers. Instead of having half open bags everywhere that go stale my kids will actually put the lid back on these to keep things fresh. No need for clips that break or twisty ties that get lost.

The containers with the black lids are great for my baking goods. They have a little different lid than the OXO containers. They are still airtight and I have really liked them as well. (view here)

My can racks have been a lifesaver. Not only does it help to organize my cans, but it helps me to rotate the food as well. (view here)

Pantry | Pantry doors | Pantry organization | Modern Farmhouse pantry


Here are the plans for our pantry! You can see how it was drawn and how it turned out are not the same… it is the same size, but I changed things up inside as we went along. (See how important it can be to have someone willing to work with you on changing up ideas?) We actually have a spot for a fridge along that back wall so we don’t have those extra shelves. I also made the doorway a little bigger so I could have double doors. When custom building, don’t forget to think outside of the box!

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