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DIY Reclaimed Wood Table Tray

DIY Reclaimed Wood Table Tray

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With our temporary move and building a new home, personal projects have been put on the back burner. Luckily, having a little more time on my hands the past week before we start on some bigger house projects has enabled me to use my reclaimed wood I had been saving for the perfect project!! My DIY reclaimed wood table tray is the perfect small project to complete in a couple hours.

For this tray I used only things I already had in my garage, making it an easy and affordable afternoon project.


Cut List

  • 12″ wide x 34″ long
  • 2″ wide x 34″ long (2)
  • 2″ wide x 13″ long (2)
  • 1 1/2″ wide x 13″ long (2)
  • 1″ thick x 1″ thick long stick for handle Cut down after you assemble the tray.

Watch the YouTube video below for all the instructions on how I assembled this tray! (subscribe to my YouTube channel here)

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