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How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Rug

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Rug

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I have had this internal battle for awhile about getting a dining room rug for under my table. Part of me really wanted a rug for appearance purposes, but the other part liked cleaning up the wood floor rather than a rug. I really like the look of my pine plank flooring against my cream table, but I decided to just go for it and add a rug in the dining area.

Adding a Rug in the Dining Area

How to choose the perfect dining room rug

And now I am mad I didn’t do it sooner. Have you ever had that problem too?  This rug is from Rugs USA and I love it. But allow me to share a few pointers on picking out the proper rug for your space!

Choosing a Dining Room Rug for Your Space

  • Picking a neutral pattern – For this space I didn’t want to go too traditional or floral, but I didn’t want to be super boho. This rug was the perfect compromise of both worlds. And since we are moving, it is neutral enough it will fit into our new home perfectly. Picking a rug with a little colored details is also a good option for bringing more color into your space.
  • Tassels or No Tassels –  A lot of boho rugs have tassels on the end. Don’t get me wrong I love tassels, but I didn’t want them under my table as I am sure food will get smashed up in them, making it harder to clean. Tassels for bedrooms? Yes! Tassels for kitchen? Definitely not for me.
    Choosing a Rug for Your Space
  • Size – Picking a rug that is a good size is ideal. You want it to be bigger than your furniture, but not so big it is spreading to opposite ends of the room.
  • Pile/Weave – Keep the type of pile/weave you want in mind. Flat-woven rugs are great for high traffic areas like kitchens or entryways, while tufted rugs with higher pile are generally better for family rooms and bedrooms. Flat-woven rugs are generally easier to clean and durable, but perhaps not quite as cushy. This can be solved by adding a carpet pad underneath if needed.Kitchen and Dining Rugs

Happy Decorating!


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