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Make Your Own DIY Nativity Puzzle

 DIY Nativity Puzzle

One of my favorite things around Christmas is seeing all of the different nativity scenes. I love that you can see them from all different ethnicities and cultures. If you happen to be in the Salt Lake area after Thanksgiving or any time in December, Temple Square will showcase their holiday lights and they feature several different nativity sets on display that are really neat to see. You can see my shop nativity scene here. Since I love nativities I decided that creating a DIY nativity puzzle would be a fun activity for the holidays. So let’s make a nativity set!

Full Video tutorial here:

Complete tutorial instructions

Get your pattern here 

  1. Begin by cutting the Poplar down to size. Use a spray adhesive to stick the pattern onto the wood to eliminate movement while cutting it out.
  2. Next, use a drill press to make the first hole. If you don’t have a drill press you can use a drill as well.
  3. It’s time to use the scroll saw. First, remove the blade from the scroll saw and thread it through the hole. Once it is through, attach the black back on and adjust so the tension is just right.
  4. First, cut out the manger part. Once it is out, use Gorilla glue to hold it to the back piece. Clamp it into place until it is dry.
  5. Now it’s time to cut out the nativity. When you are cutting this go slow and make sure to stay on the lines so your puzzle fits nicely together once it is finished. ONLY cut along the solid lines, not the dotted ones. We’ll use the dotted lines next.
  6. When the nativity is cut out, it is time to go back and cut out the little lines. Once that is done, it’s time to work on the dotted line. Indent where the dotted lines are to create a few added details.
  7. Use a drill press to indent the eyes. Notice that some of the eyes on the people are on the sides and not included in the pattern.
  8. Now it is time to sand the paper off of the wood using a sander. It’s easier to do this if you clamp the pieces to the side of the table.
  9. Once the paper is sanded off the top, cut the roof of the manger. Use 220 grit sand paper to sand everything smooth. I also added a bees wax to give it a nice finish. And TADA! There you have a beautiful DIY nativity puzzle that is so fun for Christmas!

These can make great decorations or toys for kids. It’s nice to have something for them that they can touch and play with at Christmas time.



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