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Vintage Whites SLC Fall Market

Vintage Whites SLC Fall Market


WOW….is the best way I know how to explain this years Vintage White SLC Fall Market!  I don’t know if I have said it on here, but I had hip surgery 6 weeks ago.  I was in bed for 2 weeks and then on crutches for 4 weeks after that.  I am happy to say I am walking again, and boy does it feel good.  When we got the date for my surgery I realized I would be cutting it close to be in the Vintage Whites market, but we decided to keep our booth and hope for the best.  We got as much as we could done before but it still wasn’t enough.  I have a darling high school girl who comes to help me when she can and my brother also makes signs.  Between the 3 of us we were still falling short and I didn’t really count as help either…I was probably more of a hazard.  I would sit on the trailer and people would bring me things to do so I didn’t have to move.  Talk about feeling helpless.



Every time I do one of these markets it seems to be a humbling experience.  A chance for me to take a step back and realize I am not super women (won’t that be nice) and I do need to ask for help – I am not good at that.   My mom and Dave spent 2 Saturday’s at my house painting and cutting down wood.  Not to mention Dave found me some AWESOME chippy white fencing to which he hauled to my house.  My husband made 20 signs….with a smile on his face….because well let’s be honest he isn’t much for crafting.  He also holds down the fort and makes sure our children are fed and well taken care of.  My grammy and papa extended their vacation a day so they could come and help me sand and paint!  My mother in law spent an entire day scrubbing my house from top to bottom, including the fridge.   When there is something that has to give it always seems to the house that gets forgotten.  Doing a 2 day  market like this can be a little tricky with young kids.  I am so grateful for all of the help I had with my kids this time… neighbor watched them while we set up and then my Dad and Annette took them to their house for a sleepover, which my kids always get excited for.  My Mom and husband came and helped me man the booth for Friday and Saturday…….As I am writing this I am making myself tired all over again….But I haven’t gotten to the best part yet……so hang in there!



The market….. is the BEST part!!   I love to get everything set up and see all of our hard work come together just how I hoped in my head! (can you find my crutch in this picture?  Oops!)   My most favorite thing though is to meet new people and connect with friends.  Markets like this being so many talented people together and I always feel so honored to be part of it!  I was so amazed and humbled by the sweet things people would say about our signs.  I took 100 signs and we only came home with 20….SAY WHAT!!!????  and so I say to all of you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  I know none of this is possible without all of your support and love!  This is why we do this…….it is always worth it!






We sold so many signs the first day my Mom and I stayed up late Friday night to make more…Here is my booth on Saturday, Day 2.


I love our new tone on tone signs we introduced for this market.  They are so elegant and add just the perfect touch of chippy goodness to any space.  ( don’t mind my crusty, Devin doesn’t ever tell me when he is taking the picture.  But I did ask him if that frame made me look fat… ha ha)


If you by chance missed this market or would like your own sign we are listing all of our left over signs in our Etsy shop.



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  1. Amanda
    September 30, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Oh Brooke! I didn’t know you had hip problems! I’m so glad that it is fixed now and you are back in action! I love, love, love all of the signs! They are amazing!

    • startadmin
      October 6, 2016 at 5:07 am

      Amanda thank you so much! Fingers crossed we never have another hip problem!!

  2. Shannon
    October 1, 2016 at 11:50 am

    I’m so happy to see you up and about! I’m crazy about your beautiful signs and I’m thrilled to hear your show was a success!

    • startadmin
      October 6, 2016 at 5:06 am

      Shannon, you are so sweet! Thank you so much.

  3. Mary Adams
    November 4, 2016 at 11:36 pm

    I’m so excited to join your extended family! I am going to try to make my first sign soon. Wish me luck,
    Mary – Texas girl

  4. Aubrey C.
    March 6, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    These are gorgeous!! Do you make the wood cutouts also? Do you use a laser cutter for the words?? Love them!

  5. Teresa
    April 12, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Where is your craft show?

  6. Amanda
    May 15, 2017 at 5:39 am

    Your signs are absolutely beautiful? You must cut out your own words. How do you cut them? Beautiful job!

  7. Annie
    June 18, 2017 at 3:30 am

    How do you buy these signs and how much??

    • startadmin
      June 24, 2017 at 6:31 pm

      Hi Annie,
      you can buy my signs in my Etsy shop …

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