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Upgrade That Builder Grade Mirror

Upgrade That Builder Grade Mirror

When we moved into our house it was still full of too many builder grade options.  For example these builder grade mirrors were in all of our bathrooms.  Look familiar, anyone?We thought about just framing them out, but I wanted a free standing vanity in here so when we ripped the vanity out we tore the mirror out too!  Read on to see what I did to upgrade my builder grade mirror.
Upgrade that builder grade mirror

Tools You Will Need

  • Painter’s tape
  • A crow bar or hammer
  • Paper to cover the mirror if you are painting and repurposing
  • Spackle for wall repair if necessary
  • Paint to repaint if necessary

How to Take a Mirror Out

  • Make an X with blue tape over the entire mirror.  If it is a large mirror you may want more tape across the mirror. Taping it off prevents the glass from going everywhere in case of shattering.
  • Use a crow bar or back of a hammer to carefully and slowly pry the sides away from the wall.
  • You will need at least 2 people for this job.  One to pull the mirror away and the other one to make sure it doesn’t fall off the wall and shatter.

Our mirrors were attached with a very strong adhesive which did leave damage behind.  Luckily I found this mirror below to cover most of the damage.  However there was still a little damage that was visible.  To help hide the remaining damage I used a dark paint and it stayed like this for about 4 years.

Change out your builder grade mirror

After 4 years we finally realized there had been water leaking behind the vanity so we had to tear everything out again.  This time I decided to add peel and stick tiles to the wall to cover up the damage from the old vanity and mirror (full tutorial here).  If you ever need to hide damage to a wall this is a great option, serving decoration purposes too! Since the color scheme was changing this black mirror no longer matched.  Rather then buy a new mirror I used Amy Howard’s spray lacquer in white to give this mirror a new life.

Update your mirror

First I taped the mirror off and used paper to cover the middle.

Update your mirror and repaint

Then I applied the spray lacquer paint. You can see my full tutorial on that here. Same method applies!

And look how awesome this mirror came out!  I love the spray lacquer because it gives me a very smooth finish that is also durable!

Upgrade your builder grade mirror and bathroom


It’s pretty easy to update a builder grade mirror and doesn’t take a big budget to do it. Another option instead of buying a new mirror is building a new frame for the existing mirror. This can update the look in your bathroom as well. Happy remodeling!

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