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Tuesdays Tip: Top Coats

Tuesdays Tip: Top Coats

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Today I thought I would share 3 of my favorite top coats with you!
Until I took this picture I didn’t realize they were all Minwax and they can all be found at most hardware stores.  I bought mine at Home Depot!

Paste Finish Wax: This is a hard wax and is applied by rubbing it on with a rag and then buffing after 15 minutes.  I love this wax for furniture that I want to look very natural but still have protection!  This protect helps protect your furniture without the shine

Wipe On Poly: This has a little more protection than a paste wax but still gives more of a natural look, this is also wiped on with a rag.  I have found a wipe on poly yellows less than painting on a polyurethane.

Polycrylic: I use this the most as it provides the most protection and I can spray it on.  You can pick your sheen, I usually use a satin, not too much shine but just enough.  Polycrylic is water based and doesn’t yellow like a polyurethane does!

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  1. Faye Rainbolt
    September 22, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    Hi Brooke, Thanks for your comments on the finishes, I use these too, and like them for the same reasons you listed. I probably use the wipe on poly the most. Nice satin finish and it dries fast.

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