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Throw Pillows and Quilts

Throw Pillows and Quilts

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My girls bedding/bedroom is almost done.  Just in time for us to move them into their own rooms…..Why do things always seem to happen that way? I have had quite a few questions about their throw pillows and quilts so I will try to answer them here!

I just recently got them new throw pillows, thanks to Oh Susannah’s Pillows, and they go perfectly with their quilts I made.  The top pillow says “you’ll never know, dear, how much I love you.”  What a great reminder for them each night.  They will never know how much I love them….I never could have imagined how much I would love my own children.


girls bedding-2

Now for the quilt…..

I had search high and low for a quilt and I couldn’t find the perfect one.  I wanted it to be bright and cheery…..oh and it couldn’t have a white background…..because I knew the minute I got that quilt on their bed anything red would be attracted to it.

girls bedding

I had never made this big of a quilt before with matching corners, I always stuck with the brick pattern because it was easier…and I am slightly a perfectionist so all my corners have to match up or I unpick them until they do.  But I was pregnant at the time and decided this would be the perfect pregnant lady project.  I am rather sick when I am pregnant so this helped get my mind off of things and gave me something to work on.  I found the perfect fabric from Amy Butler.  I love the bright colors and fun patterns. I had intended on having them quilted after I finished piecing them….. but once I got this far I decided to baste and machine quilt them myself.  (quilting post here)  I am so happy I did.  I love that I can give my girls a quilt I made for them.  I hope one day they understand how much love and work went into them.

Girls Gallery Wall

Since their quilts are so bright and fun I painted all of their furniture a different color from their quilts.  When their room is clean this is such a happy bright space…when and if it is clean.  I wish we lived in a land where everything just stayed clean all the time…but I have yet to find that land so until then…it only looks like this on Saturday morning!

Pink Dresser-6

I just love these throw pillows and quilts together!!

girls bedding-3

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