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Small Items I am Currently LOVING!!

I know I talk a lot about home decor items. What can I say, I just love it! Lately, I’ve been sharing my favorite outfits and deals, but I also wanted to start sharing some of the “small items” I am currently  using or loving.  I have included my affiliate links below.

Swoon-Worthy Small Items

First up, these fun earrings. I love how bold they are! But, they are not too bold because they kind of blend into my hair, making them the perfect touch. I was worried they would be so heavy, but so far my ears have not seemed to mind having them hanging round… (he he). You can view them here.

Small items I am LOVING

More small items I love? These lunch boxes by Yumbox make packing a lunch so much easier and allow me to pack more variety. The outside is hard and durable, so lunches don’t get smashed. Another great feature is the rubber up on the top so when they are closed, everything is sealed up nice and tight. My daughters often take veggies and put some ranch dressing in the center for dipping. It doesn’t even leak out! The rubber is a stay fresh seal so packing the night before still leaves you with soft bread the next day.  They are even dishwasher safe!

Yumbox lunch boxes are awesome

The dark pink one is the snack case and the pink one is full size, both of them fit nicely into lunch boxes.

Yumbox lunch boxes are awesome

  • Bathroom organization

What about this cute sugar mold.  You may have seen these before with crayons in them but I am loving it in my bathroom.  It is the perfect organization for my make up and brushes.   It keeps my brushes from getting smashed and ruined.  Normally you would have to find these at a vintage market, but it is now part of the Hearth and Hand collection at target so you can get one here.

Swoon-worthy small items

Along the lines of makeup is my new favorite cleanser!  I like to wear waterproof mascara as my eyes water all the time, but getting that stuff off can be quite the task, to say the least.  Until I found this Micellar Cleansing Water.  It works amazing, it is cheap and my sensitive skin doesn’t seem to mind it.  You can get it on Amazon here.

Small item body care

Here are a few other items I am loving.


What small items are you in love with? Let me know!


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