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Reclaimologists Spring Market Recap

Reclaimologists Spring Market Recap

This has been the first year I have done markets.  It has been a great way for me to meet new people, see what is popular and hear real feedback.  However, they are A LOT of work, As much as I would love to say I do all of this by myself..I don’t…not even close.  2 weeks before I had Ellie come and sand for me and I hired another girl to tend my kids so I could work without any interruptions. The week before a market is known to my kids as “free for all week.”  Everyone kind of fends for themselves and we spend a lot of time in the garage.  The week before my brother came and worked for me one day, my mom came and painted for me for a few hours and my husband helps in the garage and around the house.  Even with all of this help I still didn’t finish everything I wanted to, but I felt like I finished enough to hit my goal.  When I am planning for a market I set a goal of how much I want to make.  My goal changes based on the market and how large it is.  For example at an average market I usually set a goal to make $2000 so I make sure I take at least $4000 worth of merchandise.

ROCC market

I don’t like to stuff my booth too full.  I feel like I sell more when people don’t have to dig.  I usually bring a bin with me known as the overstock and as things sell I restock and rearrange to keep it looking nice.

ROCC market-2

I brought these reclaimed wood signs with my words on them more as examples of what you can do with my cutouts.  They are a little pricy as they are expensive to make so I expected to go home with them.  Much to my surprise all of my big signs sold in the first hour.  This is one of the highlights of markets, it gives you a first hand look of what is really popular. You can view my signs and cutouts in my Etsy Shop Here

ROCC market-4

You can buy our welcome cutout here

I turned old windows into message boards and I love how they turned out.  I used old wallpaper on the top with string to hang messages and the bottom is a chalkboard for messages.

ROCC market-5 Sorry about the blurry pictures…but these balusters and reclaimed wood rounds are some of my favorites.  I have sold out of them at every market.

They are so much fun to add to gallery walls for a different element.  I just listed them in my Etsy Shop
ROCC market-3

All in all this was a successful market for me!  Thank you to everyone for all your support and stopping by to say hello!!



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