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Pixie Skirt by Creolesha

Pixie Skirt by Creolesha

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I am not used to modeling clothing I am more of a behind the camera kind of person…..but this amazing skirt was worth being on the other side and it gave me an excuse to put some make up on and do my hair!  
The ever so talented Wendy at Creolesha custom made this skirt. It is made from a mixture of cottons, vintage lace, and vintage/upcycled fabrics. They all come together to create the most beautiful one of a kind skirt.  
Wendy has been designing and selling vintage and upcycled clothing on Etsy since 2008.  She has also been featured in Couture Magazine several times.  Her designs are so original and unique.  She does an amazing job and she is wonderful to work with!
You can see Wendy’s Etsy shop here
or follow her on Instagram here

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