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Picking out My Tile at Floor & Decor

Picking out My Tile at Floor & Decor

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Our master bathroom renovation is coming along.  If you missed my last post on the demo and a few tips on know when to DIY or call in a professional you can view it here….. that being said All the demo is done and the plumbing is in …. now for the fun part…..Picking out my tile at Floor & Decor.floor and decor

I had never been to a Floor & Decor store before but boy was I in for a treat.  They have a HUGE selection of flooring.  My husband and I had searched the internet looking for what we wanted so when I got there I had a good idea of the design route I wanted to go but it was so nice to be able to see everything in one place.

floor and decor-5

Not only do they have tons of high quality flooring they have a beautiful design gallery, with many great ideas to help you find that perfect look…..and I have not even gotten to the best part yet……

floor and decor-2

Floor & Decor offers FREE design consultations for anyone.  Even though I had a good idea of what I wanted trying to put things together and making sure you have everything can be a bit overwhelming.  Erin, the design consultant was so great to work with and it was nice to have another person to bounce ideas off of.  I showed her a picture of my bathroom, told her my plans and the tile I was leaning towards, which was subway tile and hexagons.  She took me to that section and we started going over the different options.  She asked me about my paint colors and the different colors I wanted to bring in.

floor and decor-7

I  wanted to stay neutral with my finishes and add my color through accessories.  I had brought with me my marble backsplash to make sure I got the colors right. ( It is the long piece in the back.)  We started laying things out to see how we liked them together.  At first I thought I wanted grey but I didn’t love it with my marble, so we went the more beige and whites.  Once we had picked out my main tile….hexagons for the floor and subway tile for the shower walls we moved on to an accent border for our shower.

floor and decor-3

I wanted to tie our marble counter top into the shower and we found the perfect haring bone marble tile to do just that.  It will be the accent border around our shower.  Once we had that decided on, Erin pulled out her grout samples and we picked a grayish/beige color.  I love how the different patterns and colors go together.

floor and decor-4

I thought I had everything I needed and was ready to leave until Erin started asking me about my thin set and spacers and how I was going to seal everything.  I am so happy to say I left there with not only my tile but EVERYTHING I needed to finish my bathroom and I even stayed within our budget!

I also had a chance to meet the manager Seth and learn a little more about the services they offer.  Here are a few of my favorites

  1. Floor & Decor offers the largest variety of high quality in stock product….walls and walls of it!
  2. They will store your tile for you for up to 14 days
  3. They teach free DIY classes every Saturday to help you get your projects done
  4. They have unbeatable prices and I can vouch for that.  Before I partnered with Floor and Decor my husband and I were searching for tile online they did have the lowest prices!

I was seriously impressed with all this store offered and how willing they were to help you get your project done.  It was a pleasure Picking out my tile at Floor & Decor and I can honestly say I will be back soon!



Thank you Floor & Decor for sponsoring my post!  All opinions are my own!

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