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The Perfect Girl Gallery Wall

The Perfect Girl Gallery Wall

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If you are anything like me, you just love a good ol’ gallery wall done right. I have gallery walls all over the main living areas of my home, but not too many in the bedrooms. I decided to remedy that by adding a girl gallery wall into my daughter’s new room when we redid our basement. This ended up being the perfect addition for creating an adorable girl bedroom that was personal to her. Read along to see how I made the perfect girl gallery wall to compliment her space!

How to Create the Perfect Girl Gallery Wall

While putting up random pieces can be fun, the most important tip I can give you is to decorate with meaning. That’s exactly what my daughter’s gallery wall is – a collection of things she has made or things we have found together that are important. 

  • Use words, as well as objects or pictures. This will give more of a 3-dimensional effect and really make the wall pop!
  • Don’t be afraid to use a variety of color to make it unique.
  • While you can use things that are the same size, it will look better if you can get a variety of sizes to display.

How to Create the Perfect Girl Gallery Wall

Be Happy – We both wanted something to go in her room that would be inspirational and simple. Nothing can be more simple than “Be happy,” something I think that every little girl needs to hear. I wanted her to focus on being happy, rather than all the negative things that can be so harmful and unnecessary for children.

Love – I love this cutout in her room. We used a floral vinyl on it to bring in some variety, but the cutout can be seen here.

K – My daughter’s name begins with a “K” so naturally we have had to acquire a few. She painted the K to go inside her oval frame.How to Create the Perfect Girl Gallery Wall

Dream Catcher – We shared a little mother/daughter time and made the dream catcher together, just before my church girls’ camp. I love to encourage the creativity.

Bike Sign – We found the bike sign at a market she attended with me. It was very fitting as she loves to be outdoors and is very active!

Bears – We include these in the gallery wall since they are very important to her! These were a gift from her Grammy on her baptism day. We sit them on top of her dresser. You can see my refinish of her dresser here.

Twirl – I added the Twirl cutout to her mirror, since I knew she would be dancing in front of it.

Heart picture – I made this to accent her wallpaper on the wall above her bed. I did have these in my shop awhile back, but now there are other reclaimed signs here.

Printable Scroll Wall Hanging – We made this DIY printable scroll for her wall and it was easy easy easy! See how here.

Zebra picture – On one of our outings to Home Goods, my daughter saw this and just had to have it. I think it’s fun to give your kids the opportunity to choose their own thing, and she really loved it, so of course I said yes.

This perfect girl gallery wall turned out so well! If you are needing something for your little girl’s room, this is a great option. Your little girl will just love looking at all the things that are important to her!



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