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The last 2 weeks my husband and I found some motivation…..




I am in love with our new paint color!  Which is a good thing because painting a 2 story entry is no easy task…so it will have to stay for a very long time.  It is called Dansbury Downs by Pratt and Lambert
My favorite this is how the darker paint color makes the new moldings pop and look so clean!  Moldings are something so simple yet I forget sometimes the drastic impact they have on the feeling of a home.  I will not expand right now…we will save that for another post!

I have also repainted the banister a dark chocolate color which I also love.  There again a very good thing because painting a banister is no easy task…it takes FOREVER!  And I really don’t want to do it again!

Now it is time to decorate … the best part right?  I have never had so much wall space before…I AM SO EXCITED!!!

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  1. carl can
    November 17, 2011 at 11:23 am

    Good ideas! I like the way you express your idea and the topic you choose. KEep on your sharing! I appreciate it. painter phoenix az

  2. Kat
    October 9, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Hi! I love the paint color, too! In fact, I am loving all of the colors that you chose in your house and it's killing me that I cannot find where you mention what they are ANYWHERE! Please, please please … pretty please… will you share them.
    The funny part of this is that I started repainting our antique house with the colors from "for the love of a house", too, but they just don't work in our home and I have been re-imagining a palette that looks very similar to yours! So, I'd really appreciate any paint color info you could share! Thanks — love your home! : )

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