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Online Shop Organization + Free Printables

Our online shop has been up and running for 2 years and boy, oh boy have we learned a lot along the way.  Some things we learned the hard way and took a financial hit and other things worked so much better then I ever imagined. Shop organization and family balance are a huge part of a functioning business for me. As a result, I often get asked how I find a balance with my blog/shop, family, being a mom and wife.  How I wish I had some perfect formula!  I am convinced that there is no perfect balance… but it is more of a juggling act where I just pray I don’t drop the ball.

Here are a few things that have helped me:

  1. Setting priorities.  First of all, my family will always come be my number one priority.  If my kids have a soccer game or a school program I will be there.  I know they will only be little once and I don’t want to miss this time.  My husband and I try to go out to dinner just the 2 of us once a week.
  2. Make a plan.  What are you working towards?  When you are working towards something it makes it easier to focus on one end goal.
  3. Being organized. Since I am kind of a “fly by the seat of your pants” type of person, organization was not at the top of my list.  But, as we have grown busier I realized I was dropping the ball way too often. It was time to get organized.  The more organized I get the more productive I am and it makes it so I have more time for my first priority, which is my family!

Shop Organization Printables:

When I first began I was using a planner, yet I quickly discovered I needed organization that was tailored to my shop so I created these printables so everyone could be on the same page. These have been LIFESAVERS!  They have helped us out so much I wanted to share them with you. Get these printables delivered right to you by clicking here!

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Whenever we are planning for something I always like to have a 4-6 week plan, hence, my “big picture” calendar.

Shop Organization Printables and Calendar

Weekly Planner

A big picture is always good, but we can’t forget about the details.  In addition to the monthly calendar, I plan out my details using our weekly planner to know what needs to be done that week.  I have to make sure I am planning for upcoming posts so the day the post is supposed to go live I am not in freak out mode.

Shop Organization Printables and Weekly Calendar

Daily Planner

To break it down even more I like to have a running list for each day which helps me to schedule my day into morning, afternoon and evening tasks. Consequently, I can plan around my family activities, but still get everything done that I need to. And let me tell you, checking off everything on that list is the greatest feeling ever!

Shop Organization Printables with Daily Planner and To Do List

Now that we have a plan let’s get into the details of specific items.

New Product Sheet

First of all, I like to use our new product sheet to break down everything that needs to be done in order to launch a new product. For example, I write words, design them and then cut them out. This is a super important step, yet I always forget how much time it really takes me.  Planning a time for me to sit down and write everything out really helps keep things go smooth.  Also, I make sure I budget time in for me to write and and get all the sizing correct. Finally, I also have to include time allotment for staging and editing. I can organize all of this on these handouts!

Shop Organization Printables and New Product Sheet

Shop Organization Printables and New Product Sheet


Because a huge part of shop organization and overall business success is marketing, this category is a big deal! Instead of hitting your audience with new products, ease them in with sneak peeks along the way such as hinting about new items or restocks at least a week in advance.  Another approach is to get audience interaction by asking questions like “which color do you like better?” Because people love options and giving their opinion, provide them a few choices that will actually help with designing.

Also, I use our advertisement sheet to plan how I am going to advertise.  I like to create a budget and then disburse the funds accordingly.  And of course, don’t forget about the free avenues of advertising such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  Another reason it is a good idea to plan ahead is, with the algorithms on different social media platforms it takes awhile for a post to reach it’s full potential.

Shop Organization Printables and Advertisement

Weekly Marketing Schedule

Last, but not least, is our weekly marketing schedule! Social media posting is perhaps the most important of all. I recommend at least once a day and more if you can, hitting at peak times of the day when your audience is the largest. THIS IS PRIORITY!!!  As such, this sheet will help you to plan what you want to post and when.  Did you know on Facebook Pages you can actually schedule your posts for months in advance? It is especially relevant for your marketing planning! Fortunately, these pages have helped me administer the best use of my time and productivity.


Shop Organization Printables with Weekly Marketing Schedule Shop Organization Printables with Weekly Marketing Schedule

Get These Printables

These printables and planners are just one of the tools I use in creating successful shop organization. Hopefully, they will help you too! Don’t forget, you can have all these shop organization printables delivered right to you by clicking up above.

Shop Organization Printables and Planner

Happy Organizing!





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