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More Christmas Cutouts and Details on the Shop

Changes coming to the shop

I have been playing around with a few things in my head since the spring. Let’s revisit memory lane…
When we bought our home I decided to blog about our remodel as a way to track the progress and as a creative outlet. Wow, did that snowball!  I started refinishing furniture for our home and people began asking me to refinish furniture for them. We began to grow so I started thinking of products we could ship. That’s when I came up with the idea of my reclaimed wood signs. To my surprise they went viral on Pinterest and we couldn’t make them fast enough to keep up.
reclaimed wood sign - family
And then the reality of owning a business caught up…. I had been knocked off. And not by some little shop… but by CHINA! Yes, they took my design, reproduced it and then big box stores like Kirklands and Kohls started selling them. I know what you are thinking… sue them. Well, it is more complicated then that and honestly, I just didn’t want to go down that road.
I decided to start handwriting my own cutouts with hope of protecting myself. Fast forward 6 months to when I was scrolling Pinterest to find my handwritten home, thankful and blessed knocked off by China once again and a wholesale company was distributing it within the USA. The sad part is my OWN handwriting couldn’t compete with their prices. Luckily, this wholesale company got back to me and ended up taking my handwritten signs down. But the damage was already done. My sales were tanking and it left me at a crossroads.
thankful cutout
Do I keep going and fighting for this, spending more time designing to keep ahead of the curve? Do I take more time away from my family by doing this or do I just shut it down and kiss this stage of my life good-bye?
 I think I have found a happy medium. I love writing and designing signs and I love seeing them in your home. But my family has to come first, because if they don’t – I know I will regret it down the road.
First – Our shop will be adjusting its format to ONLY being open during Restocks and for a few additional days each month. You can be notified of shop openings/deals by following my Instagram account, Facebook, or by signing up for the email notifications here. If you aren’t sure you will see the notifications on social media since algorithms keep changing, please sign up in email form. It is the most guaranteed way of receiving news.
Second – The last day the shop will be open for the 2018 year is November 28th. Yep, you read that right! Because December is so crazy with completing orders and wanting to spend time with family, we’ve decided to get all orders in by November 28th. After that date, you can no longer place an order for the remained of the year. So if there are certain items you will be needing for the Christmas season, please get on that shopping sooner rather than later.
And yes, Black Friday info will be coming soon!
Thank you all for your support!
I will still be blogging and decorating and whatever else it is that I do. The only change will be with the shop.

New Christmas Cutouts

I love the layered look and these snowflakes are perfect for that. I stacked different sizes on each other and sprayed some a light grey for a fun contrast. The smaller snowflakes are light enough that I used string and tape to hang them from the ceiling for a little more depth. Large Snowflakes here, small snowflakes here.  Christmas cutouts - layered snowflakes

For another fun element I added our new winter wonderland cutout over the top!  The finishing touch was adding trees- you can see my favorite trees here.

Christmas cutouts - snowflakes and winter wonderland

Remember my wallpaper and napkin signs?  If not, you can view them here. I added my new handwritten Merry Christmas cutout to my wallpaper sign. The perfect finishing touch.

Merry Christmas sign

I have had big EAT letters here since we moved in, so I decided it was time to change them out for Christmas. These fun J-O-Y letters are perfect Christmas cutouts.  They would also look darling on a front porch!

Joy - Christmas cutout

My newest handwritten sign comfort and joy. It is perfect for a wreath or we have a bigger size too! Shop our other Christmas cutouts here.

Christmas wreath  - Comfort and Joy

Happy Christmas!

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