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Milk Glass 101

I have a serious milk glass addiction! If I see milk glass I can’t leave it behind. My friend went to Missouri and brought me back some beautiful pieces that I’ve been dying to share. Take a look at my selection of milk glass varieties and why I love them.

Milk Glass 101

So what exactly is milk glass? I like to think of it as opaque glass that is not see through, but the light will shine through it creating the milk look. Milk glass was first made in Venice in the 16th century and has grown in popularity since then. It can be found in other colors like blue, pink, yellow, brown and black, but the white is my personal favorite!
Milk Glass 101 by Start at Home Decor

While I do like to collect milk glass, I don’t necessarily collect it based on value. I really just love the look of it. It is so unique and I get so excited when I find that perfect piece. Thrift stores and garage sales can be great places to pick up some of these pieces. Although I am not an expert, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite types and how to identify them.


Laced Edge

Looking for pieces that are more fancy and elegant? Laced edge is the winner. I love when I find laced edge plates or bowls. They are fancy and hard to get your hands on around here!  I feel like I have hit the jackpot when I find one that is all intact.

Milk Glass 101 by Start at Home Decor


I collect vases as well. They are the easiest to find and the cheapest, but they are so fun to use for staging items. I like to mix and match different styles.

Milk Glass 101 by Start at Home Decor

This vase is Fenton Hobnail, it can be identified by the bumpy pattern on the outside. The gorgeous texture and detail it offers is perfect against the subtle white.

Different Types of Milk Glass


These milk glass urns are beautiful with flowers in them. Think of it as one step above a vase, with a little more style and detail.

Different Types of Milk Glass


Gold Edge

Gold edge milk glass is called Fire King and it is made by Anchor Hocking. Some of the gold edging can be 22k gold. It is a simple, yet beautiful touch of added elegance.

Milk Glass 101 by Start at Home Decor

Oil Lamp

I can’t forget about my collection of oil lamps either! My milk glass oil lamps are my favorites, and this one still works!!

Milk Glass 101 by Start at Home Decor

Different Types of Milk Glass

And last, but not least, this beautiful lamp. I have not been able to find much information on it yet… but it is my favorite.

Milk Glass Vase and Lamp




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  • Monica

    If I said that I share your love for milk glass, it would be an understatement. I have a ton of pieces I’ve collected from estate sales, so much so, I would never be able to display it all. I took a look through my collector’s books and wasn’t able to find this pattern. I did see find it through Google and it is referred to as quilted diamond press. It is a beautiful pattern, one I haven’t seen before.

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