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Living Room Remodel is in Process

Living Room Remodel is in Process

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Our living room remodel is in process!  I actually liked how our living room was….an office…. but my mom needed to get rid of my great grandma’s piano and my daughter’s have been asking to play the piano and so the remodel of this room began.  I am actually against front rooms, because I think they just collect dust and never get used.  So, I decided to take full advantage of that…….

and I got white furniture.  Say WHAT?!?!  Yes, I know a lot of people think I am crazy, and I might be.  But I have always wanted a white couch and so I am taking my chances.  My children know they cannot touch my couch… they can do whatever they want on the poop brown couch …. my daughter even asked me why I would buy I couch we can’t sit on and I told her it is only for looks.

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Our living room remodel is in process!


I am also lightening up the walls in this room so here are the 3 colors I was trying to decide from.

On the Left is Modern Grey by Valspar ( I felt like this one had a slight purple undertone) in the middle is Halo by Benjamin Moore (it looks a little yellow, but I have this color in other rooms and i LOVE it)  and on the right is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore (it is a cross between a toupe and a grey, however it is a little dark for my likings).  As soon as I get the room painted I will tell you which one I chose!

Our living room remodel is in process!

Last but not least I also added some wainscoting to this room!  The best part is I created this look for cheap.  I used 8’x4′ sheets of quarter inch MDF and ripped it down to 4″ strips.  Each board is $20 and I only used 2 boards.  After my MDF was nailed to the wall I gave it a good sanding, caulked the seams and painted it with 2 coats of primer to seal it well before painting it!  After pictures of this are to come!

Our living room remodel is in process!

I know I know I know you are thinking…wow Brooke this is a very white and sterile room….Don’t worry you know I LOVE color!!!  There will be lots, just remember this living room remodel is in process!




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