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Instagram Algorithm Got Ya Down?

It is no secret that the Instagram algorithm has changed. Not only has it been inconvenient, but it seems to make it harder for growing your audience. Do you find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out how to get your stuff seen?  I have a few tips for you!

But first, before we start, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Everyone’s audience is different so different things will work better for different people.
  2. Experiment.  Try something new out for a few weeks and see if you get a boost.
  3. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Instagram Algorithm Tips:

1- Use stories – Stories are a great way for your audience to get to know you. The REAL you. Every time you post a story it pushes you to the front of the “story feed.”  I try to post stories throughout the day as to keep myself at the front of stories. While this may seem obnoxious or repetitive, you’ll get more traffic this way.

2- Post at different times of the day – Instagram now has analytics.  As you can see from mine, 7pm is my peak time so I always make sure to post then.  But, I don’t only post then because I want to reach others who are checking at various times of the day.  One day I will post in the morning, the next I try to post around lunch time and I ALWAYS  post at 7pm.

Instagram Algorithm Got Ya Down?

3- Encourage people to comment and like your posts – The best way to make sure people are seeing your content is to get them to engage with you.  Ask them engaging questions, even better ask them their opinion or which they like best.  That is always a great way to get people talking.  When someone likes and comments on your posts it tells the Instagram algorithm they like your stuff so Instagram will more frequently put your posts in their feed.

4- Be social – Interact with your followers.  If they comment on your posts make sure to reply to them.  I try to do more then just “thank you.” I truly appreciate their comments so I want my response to reflect that.  It may be something as simple as answering their question or wishing them a good day.  You can try asking them questions as well in the comments. Having a conversation in the comments is not a bad thing… it is in fact, more comments!

5- Support each other – There are so many amazing and talented people in IG land.  Follow them, comment on their posts, share them, etc.  Let them know you love following them! Small businesses and groups working together creates more growth, which is what we ultimately want!

6- Use hashtags – Just recently Instagram made it so you can follow a hashtag.  How does this work?  When you are following a hashtag photo with that hashtag, it will now show up in your feed as well.  If you don’t already have a hashtag for your blog GET ONE NOW and encourage people to follow along with it!  (here is mine)  To follow a hashtag simply type in or click on the hashtag and at the top you will see this follow button, click on it and you will be following along with a hashtag.

You can now follow hashtags on Instagram

7- Go Live – When you do a live video your followers get notified that you are live and hopefully they will join your live video.  It is also a great way to interact with your followers and answer any questions they might have.

One of the upsides of the Instagram Algorithm is your post can live for days.  What does that mean?  Instagram will continue to put your posts into peoples feeds for days.  A 3 day old post showed up in my feed the other day.  It takes a little longer for a post to get traction but having it live longer gives it the potential to reach more people.

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Instagram Algorithm Got Ya Down?  I can help!

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