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How to Write a Blog Post Like a Pro

Learning to write a blog post can be tricky, especially if you are trying to increase your hits and search appeal on Google. During my years of blogging, I’ve learned a few key things to help write a blog post successfully.


How to Write a Blog Post

Write a Blog Post Like a Pro

  • Key Word. These are the phrases or words that people are searching for on the internet. This is the absolutely most important part of writing a blog. If there is nothing else you take away from this post, remember that key words are crucial. Key words are what will get your post seen and drive your web traffic up.  Include key words in your title and several times throughout your blog post.


  • Thesis. The beginnings of my posts always include an introductory paragraph. I say paragraph, but I really mean just a few sentences. You don’t want to lose your readers by rambling on and on at the beginning. In my opening paragraph I make sure to include what my post is about and make a thesis statement incorporating the keyword or phrase in there. 


  • H2/H3 Headings. I always include at least one H2 Heading when I write a blog post just after the first introductory paragraph. Your H2 Heading should include your keyword and phrase. Again, you want your topic to be made abundantly clear so Google knows what is being searched for.


  • Pictures. Words are great, but always try to include a few visuals when you write a blog post. Your keyword should also be in the file name of your photos. Pictures are also a great way to engage the reader. However, too many pictures, too little, or even horrible quality pictures can hurt your viewer engagement.
  • Writing. A good word count for writing a blog post is usually about 300 words. I try to stay a little above that. You don’t want to lose your readers by rambling or not including enough information… so be wary of this! It’s also a great idea to use numbers or bullet points, as it makes your blog post easier to read and navigate.


Learn How to Write a Blog Post Like a Pro


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Happy Blogging!




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